US Farm Lease offers a wide range of services and assistance to all of our clients.  One of the fastest growing areas of our business is our Lease Monitoring Service.  Landowners who have signed up for this service receive comprehensive assistance which includes but is not limited to; assist in determining lease terms, writing the lease, collecting and recording all farm records and an annual yearend report.  In addition to all of these services we assist with any renegotiations of lease terms from year to year as well as keep both landowners and operators up to date on any news and changes that are affecting agriculture.

Our goal is to provide landowners and operators with the information and tools needed to help them reach their goals.  US Farm Lease understands these goals will vary for each farm and individual, that is why we have set up our Lease Monitoring Service to be able to help in any situation.

The Lease Monitoring Service also benefits tenants.  We hear from tenants all the time who are interested in working with US Farm Lease.  Tenants who are transparent with information and farm records help to facilitate a trustworthy long term lease relationship between the landowner and operator and the Lease Monitoring Service facilitates this through the annual exchange of data and information.  We believe that the best rental situations are the ones where the owner and operator are working together.  With our Lease Monitoring Service, you can be sure you are getting the assistance you need in reaching your farmland goals.   

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How to Bid

If you have not already registered with us, please follow our registration process in order to bid on property listings.  Click on the Operators tab at the top of the screen to start your registration.

After registering, you can search for properties and bid on them directly from the page where you find the listing details.  We offer three types of listings:

• Sealed Bid:  With a sealed bid listing, you can submit a per-acre bid privately.  Only you and the landowner will be able to see the amount.  Once you have agreed to our terms and conditions and submit your bid, you are committed to it.  You can increase the amount, but you cannot decrease it.

• Public:  In a public lease offering, bids are placed in the same way as a sealed bid listing with a few exceptions.  First, you can only submit a bid that is higher than the current high bid.  Second, the amount of the highest bid and the nickname of the person who submitted it show up on the property detail page.  If you want to bid annonymously, make sure to choose a nickname that doesn't hint at your real name.

• Crop Share / Other:  You will not be able to submit a numeric bid for a crop share / other lease offering.  All of the information that you want the landowner to know should be included in your bid notes and cover letter.

Landowners never have to choose the highest bidder.  Make sure that your profile and the information that you submit with your bid explain why you would be the best tenant for that property.  We recommend that you use our References Form (in Word or PDF) as your references document.   

US Farm Lease's fees for operators are 2% of the lease amount the first year and 1.5% the subsequent years.  You need to make sure you take this into account when you bid on a property. There is no fee for bidding on property.

 If you have further questions, please refer to our FAQ.