US Farm Lease offers a wide range of services and assistance to all of our clients.  One of the fastest growing areas of our business is our Lease Monitoring Service.  Landowners who have signed up for this service receive comprehensive assistance which includes but is not limited to; assist in determining lease terms, writing the lease, collecting and recording all farm records and an annual yearend report.  In addition to all of these services we assist with any renegotiations of lease terms from year to year as well as keep both landowners and operators up to date on any news and changes that are affecting agriculture.

Our goal is to provide landowners and operators with the information and tools needed to help them reach their goals.  US Farm Lease understands these goals will vary for each farm and individual, that is why we have set up our Lease Monitoring Service to be able to help in any situation.

The Lease Monitoring Service also benefits tenants.  We hear from tenants all the time who are interested in working with US Farm Lease.  Tenants who are transparent with information and farm records help to facilitate a trustworthy long term lease relationship between the landowner and operator and the Lease Monitoring Service facilitates this through the annual exchange of data and information.  We believe that the best rental situations are the ones where the owner and operator are working together.  With our Lease Monitoring Service, you can be sure you are getting the assistance you need in reaching your farmland goals.   

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Welcome to US Farm Lease


US Farm Lease is a unique Farmland Lease company that specializes in providing land services to absentee and non-operating landowners. Our mission is to create and maintain long term relationships between owners and operators by developing fair and market-based lease agreements while providing our clients with the information, knowledge and tools they need in order to achieve all of their farmland goals.


Leasing Your Land


Understanding all the complex variables of farmland leasing can be a challenge, and it's important to know that your land requirements are being fulfilled. US Farm Lease offers unmatched customer service and leasing expertise with a team of personable land experts who will work with you one-on-one in determining the best options for your land. We offer the most up-to-date agriculture information and land leasing prices that guarantees your farm's will receive a fair rate.


Land Services

US Farm Lease has a number of innovative client services, such as Online Farmland Leasing System, FAIR Lease Development and Monitoring Program, Farmland Lease Appraisal & US Farm Records.  These programs provide landowners and operators with flexible and personal options that ensure your needs will be met in any situation. As of January 2014 US Farm Lease is monitoring over 80 leases. For continual information all year long, sign up for our newsletter!


Required Resources For Landowners

For more reading and research on a variety of land leasing topics, please visit our Education and Links pages under the "Tools" toolbar. Here you will find an expansive collection of articles, videos, magazine excerpts and websites that every landowner should view. Some topics include "Ten Myths of Renting Farmland", "Leasing Examples (Different Types of Leases)", and dozens of speeches and presentations from our "This Land Is Your Land" Conference last year in Des Moines, IA. Check it out!




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2014 US Farm Lease Client Stats

Farm Monitored: 82

Total Acreage Monitored: 13,240.48

States Covered: Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota


 US Farm Lease in the News  

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What Customers Are Saying

"After seeing an ad in the paper, I thought I had nothing to lose by attending the conference held on farm leases.  During the conference, I could tell that I needed to make changes.  The information that I got at US Farm Lease's Conference in 2011 helped me to see how we could make improvements, and I hired US Farm lease and Mark Gannon.  The change in the direction of our management, lease, & operation has been very positive!"

- Inez Smith

Code of Farm Management

1.  I will respect the land
2.  I will attain the best possible operator
3.  I will have a comprehensive lease
4.  I will keep the soil in place
5.  I will maximize production
6.  I will maintain fertility levels
7.  I will keep accurate records
8.  I will be a good neighbor
9.  I will respect the legacy of the land
10. I will leave the land better than I found it